World Class Facilities

We want the good stuff for ourselves and our athletes and clients.  We’ve worked hard to produce a gym full of modern and high-quality equipment.

Expert Trainers

Join a gym with a hard-working team of coaches and professional trainers dedicated to your success. Your goals are our goals.

Programs For All Levels

We provide workout programming for all fitness levels.  We can help you whether you’re an adult, teen, or kid.  We even have specialized classes for older athletes.


CrossFit is a branded fitness regimen that involves constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.  In plain english, CrossFit is a workout style that uses a lot of different kinds of exercise like lifting weights, running, and rowing to get in shape.  Coupled with good nutrition, it can be life changing.

Contact us and signup for a free class and on-ramp!

Check our schedule page for specific scheduled classes.  We don’t typically operate “Open Gym” hours outside of classes or scheduled times.

We typically offer our services in the form of group exercise classes.  However, some of our coaches offer private instruction.  Ask us at the gym for more details!

We don’t provide child care, but our facilities do have a waiting area and lobby with toys and games for older kids to play with.  We also have kids classes that might be running at the same time as a class you’re interested in.  Check our schedule page!

You can email us or cancel your membership in person.

We use Zen Planner and SugarWOD for our course planning and WOD information.  Check our Schedule page and sign up for a spot in our class with the ZenPlanner calender embedded there.

We’re a family friendly gym.  Your family members are welcome to come.

Yes!  We teach ALL levels of fitness and can modify our workouts as needed to accommodate you!

Comfortable workout clothes that won’t restrict your movement.  You want closed toed shoes, usually running shoes or cross trainers will work just fine.

We stress correct technique, form, and safety on all of our lifts.  In addition to expert instruction before you engage in any lift, we’ll monitor as you lift and make adjustments if we see any problems.  If you have any questions, ask us!


Youth (10 - 13yrs)

  • Includes 4 Sessions A Week
  • Get A 10% Discount For Purchasing 3 Months
  • Professional Coaching And Instruction
  • Weight Lifting And Endurance Training

Adults & Teens

  • Unlimited Weekly Classes
  • Professional Coaching and Instruction
  • Open Gym Hours Access
  • Weight Lifting and Endurance Training

CrossFit Kids (6-9yrs)

  • Includes 3 Sessions A Week
  • Weight Lifting and Endurance Training
  • 10% Discount For 3 Month Advance Purchase
  • Professional Coaching and Instruction


  • Includes 3 Sessions A Week – 30 Minutes Each
  • Professional Coaching and Instruction
  • Weightlifting and Strength Training
  • Linear Progression Program

Masters Program (60+)

  • Includes 8 Sessions A Month
  • Professional Coaching and Instruction
  • Age and Skill Appropriate Training
  • Training Designed For Seniors

Punch Cards

$125/10 classes
  • Pre-Paid 10 Visit Punch Card
  • Good For All Adult / Teen Classes
  • Professional Coaching and Instruction
  • Strength and Endurance Training


Ready to make the leap and get access to a dedicated team with the tools to help you achieve all of your fitness goals?  Then we’re ready for you.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achive your fitness goals