The Master’s Training program (designed for 45+ lifters) is a linear weight lifting program designed specifically for olders lifters and is loosely based on the 5/3/1 program. Each workout centers around a foundational lift on a linear program (meaning the weight increases on the foundational lift each week).  We focus on 1 lift for four weeks before moving on to the next one.  We finish the class with a high intensity WOD designed to support the foundational lift with accessory movements.

Foundational Lifts

What are the foundational lifts?  For the context of our class, they are the following lifts: back squat, front squat, deadlift, strict press, and bench press.

Accessory WODs

The WODs at the end of the Strength Training lift session are designed to either strengthen your foundational lift by strengthening accessory muscles and movements, or, prep you for next weeks class.


The primary benefits some of our members have experienced with this program include:

  • decreased body fat %
  • increased muscle mass
  • increased bone density


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